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Bóveda (pronounced Boa-ve-dah) is a product created and owned by Humidipak, Inc. (www.Humidipak.com), a privately held Minnesota Corporation. Humidipak developed and commercialized the world’s first 2-way humidity control technology in 1997 to solve moisture related problems associated with storing, transporting, and distributing moisture-sensitive products.

Humidipak’s 2-way humidity control works by continually responding to the outside temperature and climate by adding or removing water-vapor—as needed—to maintain a predetermined level of relative humidity inside enclosed packages and containers. Available humidities range from 65% to 84% RH. This responsive technology maintains the ideal moisture-content in products throughout shipping, distribution, shelf-life and the product's usage life.

For the premium cigar industry, Humidipak's products are used by manufacturers to protect their cigars during shipping and distribution, including Arturo Fuente Cigar Co. and the world-renowned Fuente Fuente Opus X, Toraño Cigars, CAO, Davidoff, Nat Sherman, Padilla Miami, JC Newman Cigar Company, and others.

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